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I’ve been in the home based business industry for 9 months now and have generated a measly $1,880 in cash flow (revenue). Attached to this post is my commission history earned since inception of my business on September 4, 2012. On top of that, were there expenses? Hell Yeh! Was it all profit? Hell no! Do I care? Well, hell yeh, I’m here to make some frigg’n money dammit! But because of Aron Parker and Neucopia, I have learned more in the last 9 months than many marketers will ever learn in a lifetime; and I’m going to chalk this last 9 months up to framework (a framework that will support something much bigger); therefore, I believe, for whatever reason, “I am where I’m supposed to be” (thanks Jerry Maurer: quote ripped off from Jerry’s interview with Robert Mercado at NE4). So hell no, I’m not stopping; I’m not even slow’n down until I’m making one million per year. And truth be known, I won’t slow down at the one million dollar mark either; because in the end, “Success is not a destination, it’s a Journey” (also stolen from Jerry’s Robert Mercado interview).

The truth is, if you want to learn how to make $50,000 per month, you better be hanging around people who not are not only making $50,000 per month. And hanging around people making $50,000 or more per week would normally be pretty tough, because in reality, “We attract who we are, not who we want” (also stolen from Jerry’s, Robert Mercado interview; and Jerry, you may be right; that may have been one of your best 5 minute videos you did at NE4). Well events like these allow us to break that rule of attraction and learn some life changing knowledge from individuals we might not normally be able to learn from. Follow this link to my blog post where I describe my action plan over the next two months.

That action plan revolves around one key events at this time:

This past summer I’m attended the “Home Business Summit (Long Beach, CA)” with John Chow, Matt Lloyd, Terry Lamb, and Marlon Sanders, just to name a few. It wasn’t a pitch fest. We herd from expert speakers on things such as: the art & science of selling high ticket “top tier” programs; what it really takes to make money online; and building a responsive email list (which is categorically accepted as any internet marketer’s most valuable asset).  I’ve been hearing a lot about Matt Lloyd; and in the case you have been under a rock, John Chow is the go to expert on blogging with a daily audience exceeding 250,000 people who see him as the expert in blogging, best monetization practices, and an overall authority on internet marketing in general.
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For more information on making money online, or any of these events, feel free to contact me, Jody Heath, at (714) 253-7649 or Skype me at: OurNeucopia; or email me below using this my email form.  But first, you’ll want to get first hand information on the most profitable work from home business I’ve ever come across: MOBE!


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