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Wordpress InstallIf the main thing holding you back from starting a blog is the technical side of things, chiefly: installing WordPress, I can take care of that for you for free!  I will also  install some of the most important core plugins you will absolutely need.   I am, however, very selective and conservative about what plugins I allow to power my blogs.  In terms of speed and software conflicts–and in regards to the sheer number of WordPress plugins you have–more is definitely less; hence, too many plugins will slow down your site to a crawl.  Why is it so important to have a fast site?  Traffic!  People are busy and if your site loads slow, they will be very unforgiving.  With that said, if there are any specific plugins you would like installed, just let me know and I will install them for you; and conversely, if you would rather not have any specific plugins from the  list below,  just let me know which ones you don’t want.

Here are the Plugins I will be Installing (all are free except the last one which is optional):

  • WordPress Database Backup: Great, simple, but thorough database backup.  Features both on-demand and scheduling options for you backup needs; and make no mistake: it’s not a matter of if you will need a backup someday; it’s a matter of when!
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast: This is the most complete plugin you can find to handle your important SEO issues.  It helps you become a better blog writer for both your audience and the SEO gods.  You don’t even need an extra sitemap plugin because this one generates a sitemap for you automatically!
  • WP Super Cache: Downloaded over 4 million times, this plugin can really speed up your site.  Just remember to turn it off when doing maintenance, as it can cause delays when you attempt to refresh pages.
  • Anti-Captcha: The simplest comment spam blocker you could get.   It works in the background and I noticed a 99% reduction in comment spam immediately upon install.
  • Aweber Web Forms:  Technically speaking, blogs don’t make money; email lists make money.  Let me know if you plan on building an email list.   There is no better list building tool necessity, than Aweber; and this plugin is very simple WordPress interface Aweber offers.   If you also need Aweber, here is a link.  You can get your first month for a dollar.
  • After the Deadline:  This plugin uses artificial intelligence!  It can not only find your grammar and spelling errors, but also offer some great contextual suggestions.   I used to always write first in MS Word and then paste over to WordPress, and try to replicate some of the original formatting I lost in the translation.  With this, you can construct your post directly from the WordPress framework and save yourself an extra unneeded step.
  • Optional – Premium WordPress Theme:  The default theme that comes with WordPress is ok; but if you are planning on monetizing your blog, you should really think about upgrading the theme.  I recommend the Socrates Blog Theme.   It has been installed on over 110K Blogs.  Is it as fancy as Thesis or the Genisis frameworks?  No, but its easy to use right out of the box and definitely not as pricy as Thesis or Genisis.  Here are a few of the features: AdSense ready; Clickbank ready; search engine optimized; awesome support; squeeze page and other templates; 220 header niche designs to choose from; multiple ad spaces; social media slider; and various tutorials.  And my blog is also a Socrates blog!

I will install WordPress, the above plugins, and Socrates them if you like; and I’ll do it for free!  But how can I afford to do it for free?  By getting you to do a few things for me; all of which can make you money.  Here are the few requirements I need from you:

  1. Join my mailing list (if you’re not already on that list).  I’ll send you information about making money online and updates for important blog posts.  And once I send you the first email which will be instantly, you will then have my primary business email address and be able to message me directly.
  2. Purchase a web hosting plan from Inmotion, Hostgator, Bluehost, or Godaddy through my links (just click on the preceding webhost links).  I’ll get a little affiliate commission and it will offset the time it takes me to do this for you.  If you already have web hosting, we can work something out; just ask!  So all you need to do is purchase a hosting plan from one of the webhosts above and then email me.  Now, when you join my mailing list, you will receive an email from me, Jody Heath.  Just reply to that email (once you have purchased your web hosting plan).  Forward a copy of your hosting purchase/receipt, and give me your username and password along with which webhost you have chosen.  After I’ve installed WordPress for you, I’ll forward you instructions on how to change your passwords and then I’ll delete the email you sent me with your user/password in the first place.   I won’t retain any of personal login your information.
  3. If you would like to upgrade your blog theme to Socrates (for as little as $25 for a single license…..but I recommend getting the unlimited plan for unlimited licenses/sites @ $54), purchase your Socrates Blog Theme via my link, and then send me your user/password.   After I’ve installed Socrates for you, I’ll forward you instructions on how to change your passwords and then I’ll delete the email you sent me with your user/password in the first place.   I won’t retain any of personal login your information.

And that’s it.  If you’re a fairly decent with computers, this should be all you need to get off the floor and running with blogging.  Should you need additional help due to time constraints or just being a little more technology challenged, you might want to talk to me about more of  a turn-key development blog building and (or) maintenance arrangement.

I look forward to working with you!


Jody Heath,

4 Responses to “Free WordPress Blog Installation”

  1. manny gramatikos says:

    Jodi…this is a great offer…I am in empower net…havent made a dime
    ive looked at . mobe…but joined en instead…I have all hosting and
    get response in place…bounced around for years tired and spent
    major $$$$$!!! however still positive about my desires of internet wealth for my families retirement. How can u help a 58 yr old like me?

    Manny Gramatikos

  2. Manny Gramatikos says:

    You said just
    however, you didn’t respond to[How can u help a 58 yr old like me?]
    I have (2) hosting accounts. Brainhost and hostgator. Which purchase do I make for the FREE WP install?

    Also, IMHO…your first email to me : Do you feel stuck? This will get you “unstuck”…is an awesome email. Anyway, it got me to opt-in.

    • Heath Jody says:

      Hey Manny, Sorry for the late response. I should let the WordPress Police punch me in the face. I just saw these posts after we spoke on the phone this morning. Note to self: “Self, better get on top of your WP notification settings!” Looking forward to getting your blog set up and up an running with MOBE!

      Man I’m so glad you opted in. I can’t take credit for that “are you stuck email” though. I just copied from the tools Matt Lloyd has given us and place it in my auto responder. Thanks for already purchasing Socrates & MTTB. We should be able to make this work with your existing webhost. Anything else you purchase is totally up to you; but I’ll suggest, Aweber (because I think they are simply the best) & Leadpages (I’ll place an affiliate link in here soon) for sure. Not just recommending them because I’m an affiliate. They are just some core tools you’ll need if you plan on monetizing a blog and a list.

      As far as your age: it’s not about your age. But because you are 58, we are going to scale this with more caution than we would if you were in your 30′s. But, nevertheless, I can help you. It’s all about Matt’s vending machine analogy. Find a replicable vending machine (an online offer) that you put $1.00 into and get $2.00 out of, and then scale up from there; it’s that simple.

      And we won’t write off your experience with EN. I’m sure you picked up some valuable skills that helped prepare you for this. And with all the testimonials and the people I’ve met first hand….and my own results, the fact that this business works is irrefutable.

  3. Manny Gramatikos says:

    Doh! Read my blog! It ansewrs all your questions… lol…

    I want a blog like this one!

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