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Is it really all about the list? A week ago, I would have said yes; in today’s light, however, maybe not. It all really depends upon context. It’s been about a week since I attended the Home Business Summit and got my MOBE License Rights; it’s been a week of perspective and some shift changes. I went there to meet John Chow, find out about list building, and get more info on this business I’d been hearing about with Matt Lloyd and MOBE; but I left with so much more. For the biggest take away, I learned why I only generated $2,000 revenue in my first 9 months as an internet marketer. It wasn’t the size of my list, the quality of my offers, or self-limiting beliefs; it was the lack of a high converting funnel, high commission offers, and skilled automated, live follow-up. The biggest factor, though, was the availability of a high converting funnel.

The video below describes the M.O.B.E. Merc Program. For getting a very achievable number of sales, you can walk into a Mercedes dealership and pick out any Mercedes you want. For more information on this program, start here.

You see, the internet marketing industry is a huge one. People are starving for ways of making money online. But you have to connect with that starving crowd (term swiped from Matt Lloyd) in the right way at the right time! You only get a small window of opportunity to catch certain people in buying mode. When you pay for a click or a view or get an opt-in, you have to get that person in front of the right opportunity, fast, for them to pull out their credit card and spend their maximum amount on your offers. Sounds brutal? Sounds harsh? Not really. As long as their spending is responsible, and as long as what you are selling will provide enormous value in their lives, I can sleep perfectly well at night.

What if you had someone that would just “handle” all the opt-in pages, expensive split-testing, legal stuff, copyrighting, phone work, & follow-up etc…. (stuff some companies spend in the upwards of $200,000 and years of time)? What if all that was handled and you just focused on driving traffic and enjoying life in some of your newly acquired spare time? And what if you could put that hard earned, paid traffic in front of the highest converting capture pages and sales funnels ever made, with the highest commissions ever paid? That’s the reality of MOBE.

This is not an exercise in single versus double opt-in; but……just think about this. I used to think double opt-in was the Holy Grail. It can be; but maybe not starting out. Starting out, where 97% of new internet marketers fail in their first year, you need CASH FLOW. I’ve heard and even argued myself, the benefits of double opt-in over single opt-in mailing lists, i.e.: with double opt-in you’ll have a more responsive list; your list will be cheaper to maintain (auto responders charge for volume); you’ll get less bot or malicious program opt-ins; you’ll have a propensity for less spam complaints; and if you do get spam complaints, the double opt-in mechanism will forge an audit trail your auto responder service can use to defend you against future spam complaints, etc… Those are all valid points.

But in the beginning, how are you ever going to be able to scale your business, if you don’t have enough cash flow, aka, commissions to reinvest? And that’s what this is really all about right–scaling your business? If I can invest $1.00 and get $2.00 out of it, that’s a good thing. So why not scale it up to a $10,000 and get $20,000 out of it. And then why can’t I take that $20,000 and turn it into $40,000? The person who got my attention in this program, scaled it all the way up to $300,000 in one month and he’s just getting started. I can too! And so can you. But by engaging double opt-in early on, what if you missed those few unconfirmed double opt-in leads that didn’t “get” on your list because they got distracted? Sure some say, “If they won’t take the time to confirm, they’ll probably not be that responsive anyway”; but, we can’t know that for sure. Those could have been a $1,000, $3,000, $5,000 commissions, or more! How many more clicks could you purchase and how many more commissions could you generate with those clicks?

I’m even taking it a step farther for what I believe will be a very profitable case study. Although, I’ll basically be reinforcing the existing case studies already out there (it’s already a proven model…..and some have scaled their business up to $50,000 per month or more). I’m shifting focus from building my list…….to just getting my clicks/leads in front of the highest converting capture pages and sales funnels I can find, i.e., MOBE. By doing this, I’m taking my personal list/open rates out of the equation and giving my leads the highest possible chance to convert into sales. If you want to look over my shoulder as this case study progresses, I encourage you to do that. Stay tuned as I document my results. For updates as this case study progresses, get on my mailing list. And to learn more about MOBE and high commissionable, high converting offers, you’ll find that here.


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