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I recently posted this question in a Facebook mastermind.  I didn’t get exactly an outpouring of helpful feedback; therefore, I thought I’d post it here on my blog as well.  Of course this brings up another concern I need to check into which is, in Google’s eyes, “Does a blog post which is a mirror image of a Facebook post, constitute duplicate content”?  At any rate, here was the question:

To all bloggers and affiliate marketers out there: could I get some help figuring out how to track affiliate sales, overall advertising ROI, and conversion tracking? Issue: when I first started running solo adds for my work at home business, I created a unique capture page and subscriber form for each ad source; therefore, if a lead turned into a sale, days, weeks, even months later–and as long as said lead used the same name, IP, or email address at point of purchase–I could easily track which ad source the sale came from. Problem is, it didn’t take very long to create significant Aweber and Leadpages clutter; therefore, since extra subscriber forms and duplicate capture pages create extra work and opportunities for operator error, I’m trying to trash the idea of having a unique subscriber form and capture page for each add.

If you have a work from home business or any business for that matter, you don’t really want to run that on luck; you want to run it from a results based approach.  How to Track Affiliate Sales, Advertising ROI, and Conversion TrackingHere’s the scenario: say you’re running adds from 5 different solo ad providers on the same day and sending them to the same list. Infrastructure in this example: autoresponder = Aweber; capture page = Leadpages; tracking = Linktrackr. I am split testing; but to keep it simple for this question, say I’m using the same Aweber subscriber form and Leadpages capture page for each ad. I give each of the 5 solo ad providers a unique tracking link. I put a tracking code in each thank you page so I can easily track conversions from clicks to leads and individual add performance in terms of click to lead conversions.

So the bigger problem, though, is measuring the results, knowing how to track affiliate sales, advertising ROI, and just overall conversion tracking. I.E., two months later, I make a sale.  All the leads from multiple add sources have now gone into general population of my mailing list and are receiving the same follow-ups.  So when I make a sale, how can I better track, in order to know which ad source produced the sale?

If you have suggestions, please post your them in the comments section below.  Thank you for your contribution to this discussion.

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