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It’s done….well I did it.  I parted with my beautiful space gray 64 GB iPhone 6+.  I’m a 6 plus traitor as the nephew put it.  This thing was massive.   It took almost 2 months to get here.  The whole two months, I watched everyone around me with their standard issue, new, shiny iPhone 6’s while I stuck with my super slow, iPhone 4s and my 3G internet speed.  Then my 6 plus arrived and I wanted to love it.  I sort of  loved my iPhone6+ when I had two hands available or I didn’t have to carry it around with me shopping or at a movie.  It looked so much better (my ego loved that too) than any iPhone 6.  And I wanted to keep loving it.

I felt like I needed a 3rd hand:

But it really sucked when I wanted to use it with one hand.   I went through two cases during the two weeks that I had it.  The first, an Incipio case, was nice but the thing must have had like a negative friction coefficient.  I mean the thing could fly out of my hand 100 miles/hr.  Using it one handed, most of the time, was out of the question.

Maybe I’ll love it if I get a different case:

So I happened to find an apple case (the silicone one).  It fit like a glove, looked gorgeous, and had a super sticky feel to it.  You could actually use this monster with one hand at times.  There were, however, other times when I had to balance it on my pinky and do some major hand acrobatics (and the rubber helped).  But the problem was the apple case was single layer and gave it almost no protection whatsoever.

This silicone is a bigger germ vector than a 5th grader:

The other downside with the apple case is silicone is very porous.  It’s a freak’n germ magnet to the nth degree.  It’s nearly impossible to disinfect it.  Working in a hospital, that’s a bit of a problem.  Even though I have giant monster hands, my thumb was starting to get carpal tunnel reaching accross this monster phone.  Try hitting the Facebook back button…  a Circus Olay move!

It was a matter of time before it was stolen from my blue jeans pocket:

Carrying it around at work was no problem.  It fit in my scrubs like a glove.  The problem came when I needed to use it one handed at work.  When I wanted to go jogging, I felt like I was carrying a laptop.  Then I decided to take my girl to the movies and threw on a pair of jeans.  Actually, I think this one event sealed its fate.  The thing stuck way too far out of my blue jeans back pocket (and Jody don’t wear skinny jeans); it would have been so easy have stolen and never know it until it was too late.  I hated every time I sat down, I had to pull it out of my pocket and either hold it or set it down on my lab or a table.  I’m not a clubber anymore, but I can’t imagine carrying this thing into a club.

More Germs:

We stopped at a pub for some appetizers before the movie.   Since I didn’t feel like holding it, I had to set the phone down on the germy restaurant table that had been wiped down with the same germy cloth from the prior 50 tables.  Then at the movie, I ended up holding the phone on my lap for the entire movie.   And you know how that goes when you stand up and your phone is still on your lap!

The big return:

So I went back to At&t on the 14th day and went through the grueling 2.5 hour return process.  I lucked up, and a space gray 64 GB iPhone 6 was in stock.  I don’t know how it can take that long, but it did (and we’ve got a great At&t rep!).  Similar to the first round when we picked up my girl’s 6’s and ordered my  6 plus  (2.5 hours).

The love fest is on:

I’ve had it about a week now.  Well, after my return to Earth, I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict many,  if not most,  will eventually hate their iIPhone 6 pluses.  I’ve got an IPad at home. I’ve got an Intel i7 badass desktop with 16 GB of fast memory and dual 22” monitors.  I’m good on size and power at home.  When it comes to my phone, I’ve conceded I want the best combination of power and portability.  The iPhone 6 does it just fine.  I wouldn’t even mind it if it were a bit smaller if it had the same guts.  I’m also predicting that as smart-watches get smarter, many will be opting for lite travel as opposed to toting around their oversized fat phones; it’s gonna happen.

My blood pressure is lower:

So after about a week with my “Tiny” iPhone 6, I’m not having any (much) remorse.  I’ve been accused of being insane for parting with my 6 plus.  This regular 6 just fits so much better in my hand and pocket, even in the slightly bulkier Speck case I purchased.   The stress in my life is even less now because I don’t have to worry about dropping the damn thing as much as I did the iPhone 6+.  I would bet money, if you take a sample of one hundred iPhone 6 plus owners and put them up against one hundred iPhone 6 owners you’ll s an interesting finding.  The iPhone 6+ phablet group with have phablet sized blood pressures and phablet sized cortisol levels from their phablet sized stress levels and worry of dropping their monster phones.

I gained more than I lost:

I will make this one disclaimer:  if I had the kind of job where I had a lot of down time and have both hands available, I would have been tempted to keep the 6 plus; because that big fat screen was soooo nice.  But to sum up my reality, I lost some camera stabilization features and some battery life in it’s departure;  I can live with that, plus tripods and rechargeable battery packs are pretty cheap these days.  My ego is slightly damaged since I do miss how “perty” that thing looked but I’ll get over that too.  When I’m away from my home office, I can run my internet business just as easy on my iPhone 6 as I could with my iPhone 6 plus–perhaps even better, because I’m stressed out less by having it.  And at work, if I need to grab my phone to investigate a drug mechanism with one hand while holding a handful of vials and syringes in the other, my iPhone 6 is 1,000 times better than the iPhone 6+ could ever think about being.  And if I start wandering if the 6 is big enough, I have this picture of my iPhone 4s dwarfed next to my iPhone 6+ to remind me where I came from.   Now if I can just resign myself to edit what I previously told Siri to call me: “My 6+ is one badass M_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _R”,  I’ll be able to make a totally clean break (baby steps).

iPhone 6+ (plus) too big b

Dear Apple, You Could Keep More 6+ customers if did just this one thing:

Instead of the new “Reachability” feature–or at least in addition to it–here is a better workaround for all the poor little stretched iPhone 6+ thumbs.  Have a mode (let’s call it “Realistically” mode) whereas the usable area of the 6+ screen could be temporarily morphed into, say, an iPhone  4 (as seen below),  5, or 6 configuration, based upon user preference.  The user could also, contingent upon right or left handedness, choose a lower right or lower left corner docking configuration.  At any time the user could revert back to the native full screen.  By the way, Apple, I’m available.  Make me an offer!
iPhone 6+ (plus) too big fix b

Author: By Jody Heath (Owner Operator of SouthernProfit.Com)

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