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Do you have a problem you need help with?  As an internet marketer and someone who relys on my computer to make a living, I’ve had to learn how to solve problems quick and effectively.  Leave me a comment below, and I’ll try to find a solution.  This is going to be a dynamic, ever growing & changing post.  Every time I run into problem and find a solution, I’ll post it here.  I don’t have a great way to organize it at this time.  So if your problem, question, or search terms lands you on this post, the best way to find your answer is to do a “control F” and do a quick search for a keyword contained in your question.  One caveat: if you do a control F at this time with firefox, it will not find a search term in a hyperlink; but Chrome and Explorer will.

1)      Passwords don’t update in cPanel: Update passwords in cPannel but they don’t update (they only appear to)?  I.e., you try to enter your new passwords in outlook or on another device such as iphone or droid and it doesn’t recognize the password……you’ll know there is a glitch.   1st, verify if you have java properly installed.  I can’t stress how much of a time saver Blog Post About Everythingit can be to have a second  computer to test attempt problem replication.  It can save you a huge amount of time in just knowing it’s a problem isolated to your computer as opposed to calling your webhost and setting them on a wild goose chase and wasting hours of your life.   In my case, it was a problem with my installation of java; and all I had to do was update it.    To verify if you have java installed and the version:    To get the latest version of it navigate here:

2)      Your emails in Aweber keep triggering spam assassin?  Delete the entire text block.  It’s not enough that you edit out the spammish links.  Reminanents do remain in the text version of the message.  The workaround, just delete that entire block of text.  Drag down a new text block from the editor; and your’e all good.

3)      Your embed skype button keeps showing you as offline?   The only workaround I’ve found at this time is to just change your online status within your skype console.  Change your status from online to appear offline, and then back to online.  Then refresh your web page, and your good.

3.5)  Need the best optin software for a blog; its artificial intelligence knows when your visitors are about to leave and then throws up an exit popup before they ever click the exit button?  Get Optin Monster

4)      What is the best service to make quick, responsive, & high converting capture pages?   Get Leadpages.

5)      Best way to track your links & ads, split test web pages, gather conversion data, and shorten links?  Get Linktracker

6)      What is the best Autoresponder?  Get Aweber and never look back!

7)      Where can you get $1.99 domain names?  From this Go Daddy link

8)      Where can you get $2.49 domain names? From this Go Daddy link

9)      What an SEO optimized blog theme built for monetization right out of the box (and it has an easy learning curve)?  Get Socrates

9.5)   Wanna get the making money online thing handled once and for all.  You need a system.  This is the best complete system for making money online, hands down.  Click here for full details.

10)   You post an add on craigslist.  You click the link in the email and it show’s your add is live on the site.  But you’re not getting any calls or leads.  You probably got ghosted.   Search for your add within craigslist and you probably won’t find it.  Click on your add category and scroll through the adds by date, and it’s probably not there.  You got ghosted.   Sometimes it’s random for no reason.  Sometimes you broke the rules.  I.e., you got caught posting in multiple cities or in a city outside your local area.   May be someone at your house already pissed off craigslist and they banned your entire IP address.   Learn the rules of craigslist.  It can save you $1,000’s per month in advertisement cost, but don’t piss them off.

11)   Tired of going to the promotions tab in gmail to see all your messages?  Go to settings (upper right hand corner); then “inbox”; then uncheck everything but primary; and hit save.   Now your back to normal.  You’ll now see every message except the ones truly marked as scam.  Now no one is censoring what you see.

12)   Why does my blog not update even when I hit refresh?  Turn off any caching plugins; view in different browser; or click on a different page in your blog to se changes to sidebars and various style changes.

13)   How do I test html to see if it looks good before adding to my website and testing it there?   Go here: and click try yourself.  You can test out anything.  But you are limited to a certain amount.  It’s great though to test how sidebar items look before you actually put them in your blog and break it.

14)   YouTube not autoplaying, not playing period, or not showing previews, check your flash player: to see which version you have installed on your computer:
To download the latest version go here:

15)   Customizing your youtube embed video.  Here is what the embed code normally looks like:
<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

  • Embed code with autoplay enabled:
    <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>
  • Embed code with autoplay and controls removed to keep more users on your site and less distracted:
    <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>
  • Embed code with autoplay removed, controls removed, and related content removed from the end of the video:
    <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

16)   My main Goto HTML toolbox:
Center text: <center>This text will be center-aligned.</center>

Skip the next line: <p><Br></p>
Skip two lines:  <p><Br><Br></p>
Skip three lines:  <p><Br><Br><Br></p>

17) Your monitor has flipped (either horizontally or vertically orientation).  Not a problem.   Just press control & alt together; and keeping them both held down, now click the way you want your monitor to go by clicking the navigation buttons, aka, the up, down, left, or right arrows.  If you use dual or more monitors, just click on the monitor affected, and follow the instructions above.

18)  I could not function on the internet without shortcut keys.  Here are my favorites: (note when I say x + y, it means hold down button x while pushing button y):

  • copy = control + C
  • paste = control + V
  • bold = control + B
  • underline = control + U
  • italics = control + I
  • select all (just left click in the space you want to highlight) = control + A
  • Home page = control + Home
  • Reload/Refresh = Control + R
  • Reload/Refresh (override cache) = Control + Shift + R
  • Stop = Esc
  • Back = Alt + left arrow
  • Forward = Alt + right arrow
  • New window = control + N
  • New tab = control + T
  • Close tab = Control + w
  • Close Window = Control + shift + w
  • bypass recycle bin when deleting file = shift + delete
  • resize window to half the screen = windows key + left or right arrow
  • move window from one monitor to another = shift + windows key + left or right arrow
  • date stamp/insert date = shift + alt + D  (in evernote this inserts both date and time)
  • time stamp/insert time = shift + alt + T
  • close a whole internet window = control + w
  • something locked up/frozen? Here are the remedy’s from least invasive (propensity to screw up your computer less) to most invasive (propensity to screw up your computer more):
    • Esc
    • control + alt + delete (and when screen comes up hit cancel……rarely, but sometimes this get’s you out of a frozen process)
    • control + alt  + delete (select task manager, then applications, then left click on the application that is frozen, and click end task; but be carefore, make sure you if it is an internet explorer tab, that you are closing the brousing window and not windows explorer (your operating system) which can really screw up your system.
    • close every open application you can, and restart your computer
    • hit the reset button on computer
    • hold down power button until your computer shuts off.  wait 10 seconds, and reboot.   Wait to see if a black dos-like screen appears and select start windows normally.
  • in an outline and want to advance outline to the right = Tab
  • in an outline and want to go to a level to the left = shift + alt + left arrow
  • advance to the beginning of a line = home
  • advance to the end of  a line (I know, duhhhhh but you never know) = end
  • log out as a user and lock the computer = windows + L


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