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What are the Basic Parts and Tools of an Internet Business or Blog?

What are the Basic Parts and Tools of an Internet Business or Blog?

What does the framework of an internet business really look like?  I mean in it’s purest form, what does it really take, at the bare minimum, to run a professional online business?

Note: I use each and every product on this page.  If you should ever have an issue with any of these products, you not only have the excellent corporate customer service of each of these products, but you will also have my help by messaging me via my “Contact Page“.  From there, we can communicate on the phone & (or) Skype.  One catch: so how can I provide free technical support to so many people?  Well, I get a small commission whenever you purchase a product from one of my links; therefore, if you ask me for technical support, I will need to do a quick verification that the vendor credited me a commission for your purchase.  This is the basic concept of affiliate marketing.  If you would like to break into this industry, I can help you with that as well.


If you would like to avoid the hassle of setting up your blog, let me do it for free.  Hear this, you want a blog, not a  Any of the .com or .blogspots, etc…, you don’t own your content.  You can say the wrong thing today and all your content is gone tomorrow. is free by the way; but know this: it is a bit of an art choosing the right plugins and configuration of your website.  To ease your stress, I have a free blog installation service here.  But you can also do it yourself if you’re up for the task.  If you’d like to have a free live consult, click here and just message me.



Not so fast!  If you don’t yet have a webhost yet, many give you a free domain with each new account; therefore, if you don’t have a webhost yet, I recommend shopping for a webhost first.  At the very least, however, I prefer to search for domains on Godaddy.  Choose your domain wisely. Generally speaking, you are better off branding yourself than branding a company name unless you sell an actual physical product or well known service.  (Note: this .99 cent .com offer sometimes only works for new customers).


I have this blog hosted with Inmotion Hosting.  They have always been reliable and fast.  Customer service is second to none.  And you do get a free domain with each account.   I’ve never done any real bench marks.  But just comparing this site to other sites of similar configuration on hostgator, I’d say Inmotion is a bit faster.


I also have blogs hosted on Hostgator’s platform.  If you are absolutely needing a webhost with a “monthly” payplan,  I do recommend Hostgator.  The price tag is $3 to $8 per month.  And I have a coupon here to get your first month for a penny.  If you want the best pricing, be prepared to pay for 2 to 3 years at a time; but the savings are huge.


You will need a blog theme for which I recommend highly customizable, drag and drop, Elegant Themes.   The blog theme is the look, feel, and finer details of your blog.  Yes, WordPress comes with some free themes, but I don’t recommend them for any kind of monetization or major customization.  Those themes are for hobby’s.  If you’re interested in making a profit and running a legitimate business, you will need a paid blog theme.  Yes there are some more advanced themes such as Genesis and Thesis.  They have some great features but with those great features comes a much great learning curve. This is why I like Elegant Themes.  Right out of the box, it is functional and is customizeable in the setting of even a very basic skill set.


You will need a way to collect blog subscribers/visitors information.  I recommend Aweber.  Aweber starts at $19/month but you can get your first month for $1.00.  I have been with them for over 3 years and never looked back.   They are the best.


You will need a way to build capture pages and custom optin boxes easily, quickly, and effectively; and for this I recommend LeadPages.  Nothing is easier for building fast loading, high converting, webpages.  They even have a plugin to easily let you replace any blog url with a LeadPage.  Easly plug and play interface.


You will need a way to track your conversions.  If you’re doing 10 different things to promote, but only two of those things are working, wouldn’t you like to know which are your producers? If you’re not tracking you’re flying blind.  For this, I recommend Tracker.Ly.  You can get it here

High Commission Offers

Now that you have all the pieces of your blog, you now need a  high commissionaire offer to promote.  I recommend this.

Affiliate Marketing Tools I Can’t Live Without

Affiliate Marketing Tools I Can’t Live Without

Below, are just some affiliate marketing tools you would not want to go without.  These can make a huge difference in your bottom line.  For many marketers and bloggers out there (the successful ones), these are simply a core set of tools.  You’ll find these time after time in the wheelhouse of every successful online marketers, so that many people can’t be wrong.  I’ll be updating this page from time to time with as many discounts and coupon codes as I can find.


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